• Campsite in La Bernerie-en-Retz


Tourism in Loire Atlantique


Cultural and historic Treasury at the heart of the Loire Atlantique

About 45 minutes of the campsite, don’t miss to visit the magnificent city of Nantes and its rich cultural and historic heritage. You can visit the impressive Castle of Dukes de Bretagne, its ramparts and its numerous exhibitions in charge of stories and secrets. The Machines of the island will impress young and big ones: a big mechanical elephant welcomes you under naves sheltering a museum populated with incredible mechanical creatures. The children can also venture on the Carousel of the Marine Worlds, along the Loire.


Saint Nazaire

In the estuary of the Loire, a city bound with the ocean.

During the 30 minutes which separate you from Saint-Nazaire, you will drive over an impressive bridge and take advantage of a fantastic view over neighborhood. Enjoy visiting the quays and docks of this city steeped in history and admire the impressive creations having been shaped in this place. Beautiful exhibitions are not to be missed in Saint-Nazaire like the Escal’ Atlantique where you can discover an old submarine basis!


Bernerie en Retz

A small peacefull town for holidays at the seaside.

During your stay in the campsite Le Poteau, you will enjoy the quiet atmosphere of Bernerie in Retz. This charming small town is a sea resort with a beautiful fine sand beach. Your children or your grandchildren will be delighted to be able to take advantage of it to bathe and play with waves. When the ocean withdraws, rocks become the playground of the walking fisher people. It will be a good opportunity for you to taste by your next meal delicious shells.



In the near of the campsite, famous sea resort in front of wide

At only 10 minutes from the campsite, discover Pornic, a charming city turned to the ocean. During your coming, stroll along the quays of the various ports while admiring the regular ballet of the ships. Magnificent cultural but also natural places are to be seen, without forgetting the fine sand beaches where you can enjoy a bath or learn about water sports, thanks the presence of many clubs in Pornic.